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for a club of misfits there sure is allot of good people in this club

Hello,just thought i would share this honor of memorial day
I havent been in this vw club very long but i am very honered and proud to say my wife and I  are  apart of it

 A Vietnam Veteran had a VW trike with a spark plug blown out of the head and had to be towed to Thunder Creek Harley Davidson. Hal was on the Run for the veterans Wall in Washington DC on his way from El Paso to the Vietnam Wall. one of our members Nick Vonwerssowetz got a call from thunder creek about the broke down trike and they advised they couldn't help fix it and a couple hundred miles and a couple days from getting parts  ,so Nick stopped by the dealership and talked to Hal a veteran that served in Vietnam whom had the trike and told Hal our club had a shop and parts to get him going   . The dealership towed his trike a Volkswagen powered motorcycle  to our shop and a text went out to club members from our club president  that a veteran  needed our help to complete a dream to make it to Washington DC to visit the memorial wall we all showed up to the shop to help in anyway we could  he had waited many years to make the journey to the wall he was riding with about six hundred other riders, they continued on In the hopes that Hal would get repairs and catch up with them the next day in Virginia,  after getting the motor torn down and the head off the motor  we put a new head on it and got it running ,while he was there he shared stories of being in the war and how many vets were killed he said there were 58000 he shared how he uses his vw trike in all the parades in El Paso TX and how his trike is set up with parade lights and all the bells and whistles  ,you could see the honor and proudness in his eyes when he spoke, he also said that he was carrying a soldiers name on a piece of paper for a soldiers family to put on the wall and  use a pencil to scribe his name on it and carry it back to his family it was truly an honor to meet this soldier and here his stories . 3 hours later he was fixed and  he was  headed  to Wytheville, VA to meet the rest of the riders for their early morning ride To DC and the wall unfortunately he broke down again near Lynchburg VA  luckily he had nicks phone number and called and spoke to nick about the breakdown nick advised he would do what he could to get Hal help and get him back on the road  so nick reached out to a website called   a vw website for selling and buying classic Volkswagens and also has a live forum so nick put a message on the forum  to anyone in the area that could help Hal out , and fortunately a club in the area called air cooled hooligan was able to get Hal to there shop and get him repaired and on the road to DC once again ,this was all free of charge from both clubs and the tow from thunder creek Harley ,we felt we were paying it forward for his service to keep our freedom and we were honored to help ,we got a call from Hal on Friday 5/27/16 at around 330 pm that he had made it to Washington DC   

Happy to help a Veteran. Thank you for your service, Hal! and thank you to all service men and women for your sacrifice's for our freedom


Thanks to The Stateline Wagens for all the help

Seth, Clifford, Mike, John, Jeff, and air cooled hooligan and thunder creek Harley Davidson

thank you

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